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Puluche Duroseau

Anyone who knows me knows how much my baby Puluche means to me. I first met Puluche at the Stamford pound in high school. I went there with my mom and brother to try to sabotage and/or convince them not to get a dog, because I had a huge fear of dogs. Fate however had other plans, during a moment of running from a pitbull that broke lose I discovered Puluche and instantly fell in love. I was able to see beyond his matted hair, yellow stained paws, weird bite, and huge belly that would graze the floor when he walked. To me he was just perfect so I convinced my mom to get him for me and we ended up adopting not 1 but 2 dogs, which is crazy considering my original goal was to have no dogs come home with us. Puluche was a tough little nugget at first and had major trust issues due to his past, however little by little Our family was able to capture his heart like he captured ours. Ive shared so many memories during various phases of life with Puluche: from my first relationship, prom, graduations, college move ins and move outs, homework, exams, heartbreaks, Netflix/chill nights, dancing while cleaning, cooking and dropping scraps for him as an “accidental treat”, and so much more. Nothing in this world could have prepared me for the overwhelming pain and emptiness I feel knowing that he is now physically gone. Up to his very last breath and heart beat he showed me that he loved me & I can only hope and pray I have showed him the same. After spending an entire day cuddling, crying, listening to gospel music, bargaining with God, praying for his comfort, and providing supportive care: Puluche passed away at 04:12 am on 5/16 in my arms, staring into my eyes as I played “Love You Forever by Tasha Cobb” all while telling him how much I loved him and that it was ok for him to go. I truly believe my baby held on for my graduation and mother’s day before showing any signs of being terminally ill. All day on mother’s day he was super clingy and snuggled in my arms, across my chest as we watched Netflix. Suddenly Monday he seemed like he wasn’t himself at all despite all my efforts to perk him up, which led me to take him to the vet on Tuesday only to find out he was in kidney and heart failure. Despite a poor prognosis I demanded some medical intervention because I was not ready to let go. Finally I took a good look at him and saw on his face that he was just done and only holding on because of me. At that moment I decided I couldn’t be so selfish so I opted to take my baby home and make sure his final moments were spent in comfort and surrounded by love. My baby protected my sanity to the very last moment. I pray that he is now in heaven in healthy happy spirits and looking down on me as I fugure out how to LIVE with a huge part of me gone. My tears can overflow 1000 rivers. Home no longer feels like home for me, without my snuggle buddy. Im praying that he brings me a sense of peace as he always did, in order for me to LIVE in a manner that will make him proud until we meet again! R.I.P my precious baby Puluche

Light a Candle

Sincere condolences to you and your family at this crucial time. I read and heard about Puluche but never got to meet him. Mere words cannot comfort You but God bless Puluche. He will always be remembered for his comfort, love and companionship.


All those close to you knew what a huge role Puluche played in your life. I had plenty fun with him and will never forget his first encounter with your God son ;) He was a character all on his own, never bothered by anyone or anything and quick gruff and switch of the hip to let you know just that. I remember many of those moments you guys shared even after I migrated. Given I’m from a culture where animals are particularly embraced with such love and care, I’m so very pleased to have known and interacted with him. Your love and memories are what will always keep him alive in your heart. To the end he was an old faithful. Looks like it just you and me now... ride or die’sfor life!

Your Bestfriend
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