It’s a month ago today we lost our 14yr old black cat, Cammie. Her death was very unexpected and our whole family was destroyed. I’m still overcome with grief, but need to say this now. When I called Pet Passages I spoke with Jill who explained everything as I tried to listen through my sobs. We brought Cammie there and even with the pandemic, we were able to spend as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes. We were all treated with respect, kindness, and patience, and for that we’re very grateful. We picked up her ashes 3 days later, in a very nice embroidered velvet bag enclosed in a wooden box; along with her paw prints in ink & clay, and a very helpful booklet on pet loss. We were pleasantly surprised to see other items included to help us cope, such as a rainbow bridge card and a seedling to plant in her memory. A few weeks later we received a “thinking of you” card, along with pet loss meeting information. We were pleasantly surprised and touched to know they cared enough to think of us; reminding us exactly how caring they are. Jill and Pet Passages are very thoughtful, and it’s very much appreciated. We highly recommend their services if you are unfortunate to lose a pet. Their kind, loving approach is so welcoming at such a life changing moment. Thank you again, Jill for everything you have done for our family and Cammie. We miss her so much; our cat in a dog’s body. 2/12/06 – 4/28/20 🙁